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You say you want to get an extra pair of handles to be able to change the look of your poles? Or you want to freshen them up after years of use?


Here they are! 


PLEASE NOTE: Freeride handles can fit both on poles that came with Freeride handles and Classic ones!

Spare handles (pair)

€12.99 Regular Price
€9.99Sale Price
  • You can ususally remove your old handles by twisting and pulling them off quite vigorously.

    All we use to fix them is hair spray! It is an old bike handle grips trick: the hair spray helps slide them on while it is wet but then sticks in place once it is dry.

    If that fails you can also carefully cut them off with a sharp blade, like a utility knife, trying not to cut into the bamboo below.

    To fit the new handles you will need some hair spray (we use the strongest we can find) and spray a generous amount both on the poles and inside the handle before pushing it on. 

    If the fit is quite tight and you struggle to simply push them into place (every bamboo pole is different) then you might need to use a bike hand pump or an air compressor with a conical tip to "inflate" the top part of the handle gently (push the conical tip through the top hole of the handle) so it expands while you are pushing it in.

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