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Pre-season Deals

Hello all! Been a while so we should probably start with a little update..

Our summer at Poleplant quarters has been busy with production of the new poles for this upcoming 2017-18 winter, and they are better and stronger than ever!

We have improved a few features, including the overall strength of the poles and the quality of our baskets, which are now improved structurally to withstand the temperatures and impacts you guys like to subject them to!

We have also added 2 new colours for the freeride handles, a juicy Raspberry pink and a classic and elegant Black.

So once again we are back on track to supply you with the coolest ski poles on the mountains this year, and to make things sweeter we have even lowered our prices until the end of October, giving you discounts up to 30% on our range online! Go check the store and get ready for winter before it's too late!!

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