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Our bamboo poles are at least 2x stronger than traditional aluminium poles under constant load, and even better when it comes to quick impacts due to their natural flex: they bend.

Our ski poles are individually made by hand from natural bamboo canes, making each piece one of a kind. Classic and stylish. They can also be customised with different types and colour handles and baskets, and engraving your name, favourite phrase or personal motto.


Bamboo is the FASTEST GROWING renewable resource on the planet - some species grow almost a meter per day!! It absorbs significantly more carbon dioxide and produces more oxygen than any other plant, helping us fight the greenhouse gases that are melting our snow and glaciers.


We take pride in designing our Bamboo ski poles based on what works best from the engineering point of view, not on what is easy due to existing parts already available on the market. This is not the most cost-effective solution but it results in the best performance from our poles!

We only use materials that are very strong but also responsibly sourced, in line with our quest to respect the environment. We use real bamboo, naturally strong. Not just a coating of bamboo laminate for esthetical reasons like some others.



Our team of true mountain lovers crafts every single pole by hand, making every effort to create a beautiful and unique piece every time, which you will be proud of showing off out there on the mountains.



Our ski poles are all very unique, so all pictures on the website are for illustration only. Each pole has unique features, such as slightly different coloured canes, some joints and nodes, and most of all they are never perfectly straight. Bamboo is a plant and as such it is never going to be the same. We see this as an element of beauty and uniqueness, so we ask you to embrace and appreciate these differences which make your poles truly "one of a kind".



Following tests and reports two main structural improvements have already been made since we started production.


We have realised that the plastic used for production of our baskets was not ideal for mountain temperatures as it was too rigid, so it often cracked. A softer material has been successfully tested and adopted.


Our production process involved a core-drilling step on the canes, which sometimes led to small fractures at the tip end. In some rare cases these fractures expanded through thermal excursion (mountains vs. indoor environments) to the point of damaging the cane's strength and usability. Our revised procedures have allowed us to bypass the drilling, hence the poles will be a lot stronger and the small likelihood of cracks will be reduced even further.


If you think you have been affected by either of these faults please reach out explaining what happened and sending a picture or two, and we will take appropriate action.

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